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 21 Day Mantra Medicine Journey

Monday May 18th ~ Sunday June 7th

I’m looking so forward to sharing this journey with you, and I know that these practices have the potential to transform your life!  Whether you’re new to working with mantra and sacred sound, or have had lots of experience, this 21 day journey has the power to initiate tremendous positive change.


What is the 21 Day Mantra Medicine Journey? 

Over our three weeks together, those who sign up for the Journey will receive an email each day featuring a simple mantra or sound meditation, including information on the meaning of the mantra, the importance of intention in working with the mantra, and a link to a recording of the day’s mantra to guide your practice!   These short mantra meditations ~ just 10 minutes each day ~ are simple, beautiful practices, and as you embrace them, they will purify and elevate you!  And only those who sign up for the Journey will have access to these recordings ~ you will be able to access them at any time, and can continue to practice along with the ones you love best!

Make sure to stay connected to the Three Principles of the 21 Day Mantra Medicine Journey listed above!  Each of these principles is a powerful affirmation, and can really help you stay connected to your intention in this journey!



Q.  Why 21 days?

A.  Many experts believe that it takes 21 days to break a habit or change a pattern in our lives, and to create new, positive habits and patterns that support us in living in alignment with our true intentions.  Such a short amount of time it takes to recreate ourselves and realign with our hearts!

Q.  How can the 21 Day Mantra Medicine Journey benefit me? 

A.  It’s widely understood now that meditation is one of the most beneficial practices that we can embrace to shift stress levels and bring greater relaxation and ease to the body and mind.  Sound meditation ~ and mantra meditation in particular ~ is a powerful form of meditation that works with the vibration of sound to create shifts in our thinking, our bodies, and our energy.  When these powerful vibrations are combined with our personal intentions, we have the ability to hook into universal energy in different ways, and we can use that energy to benefit our lives in many ways.  Ultimately, this formula is the key:

vibration + intention = healing

Over the course of these 21 days, we will work with a variety of different mantras and sound vibrations, and even though our practice together will be short ~ only 10 minutes per day ~ this brief time is enough to shift away from the busyness of the mind, the hustle of daily living in this world.  These 10 minutes of sound meditation can quite literally shift our personal vibrations, quiet the mind, calm the body, and bring us into deep connection with our quiet, peaceful center.  From that place, we can move forward in everything we do with greater peace and balance.

Q.  Why do you call it Mantra Medicine?

A.  To me, the word Medicine has very little to do with the medications and treatments that are practiced in our western medical system.  To me, the word Medicine is connected to holistic healing work that can bring powerful personal transformation, which can include shifts in body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.  In the context used within the 21 Day Mantra Medicine Journey, a Medicine is an intentional practice that we can apply that has the potential to support these shifts, and in my life, Mantra Medicine has been a powerful tool for my own growth and healing.  Please keep in mind that Mantra Medicine, as with all holistic healing work, is intended as a complimentary modality, and is not meant to be a substitute for proper medical care for those who have a serious health concern.

Q.  What kind of support do I receive during the 21 Day Journey?

A.  Each day, you will receive a brief email that will share a simple mantra or sound meditation,  including:

*  information on the meaning of the mantra

*  different ways of working with intention with each mantra

*  and a link to a recording of the day’s mantra to guide your practice

There is no particular time that you have to join us each day, as you can access the recording of the daily mantra anytime.  You will also be able to access any of your favorite mantras again and again to continue your practice!  And you will be able to connect with a whole community of beautiful souls who are joining you on this Journey through our group on Facebook ~ a wonderful source of support and connection!

Q.  What does the 21 Day Mantra Medicine Journey cost?

A.  This beautiful 21 Day Journey is absolutely FREE to join!  Your only investment is a little time each day!


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