What is Kirtan?

In the most traditional sense, kirtan is the practice of bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion.  Chanting in Sanskrit, honoring the many manifestations of God, and achieving a state of absorption in the Divine, kirtan has been practiced for thousands of years in India.  Kirtan is an ecstatic practice that offers people the opportunity to connect deeply inside themselves while also connecting with community.  Kirtan is quite different from a concert, where the audience is expected to sit and listen.  At a kirtan, while there may be musicians leading the experience, everyone present is invited to join in the singing and co-creating the experience. Many people find that chanting together in community often brings a positive shift in their state of mind – after chanting, people feel energized, relaxed, centered in themselves, more connected to the present moment, and filled with good energy.


Kirtan concert at Arts of Light Center, Pisac, Peru ~ with Dennis Notten


One comment

  1. Hello Angela,
    Tonight is my time to meditate with you. When you commented on your cold, I felt a slight sore throat also on your right side of your throat. And as you begin to chant to the Medicine Buddha, I felt the sore throat dissipate quickly. I was so impressed. Thank you for bringing such lovely meditation thru music including your soothing voice. I’ll be back tomorrow for more.
    Chrys( one of Patra’s soul sister) & probably yours too😊🙏🌺🌻🌷🌈

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