Two Hands & A Heart shares video interviews with inspiring creatives, healers, teachers, and thought leaders from around the world. We are entering our Second Season in the Fall of 2020, and are welcoming proposals for potential interview guests. If you know of someone wonderful who you’d like to see included in this interview series, please share this page with them! Or if you’d like to be considered yourself, please submit your ideas through the form below. We are unable to respond to every submission personally, and if you are selected for an interview, we will contact you by email. Thank you!

We are especially interested in interviewing guests who are engaged in the following conversations as a central part of their lives / work:

  • The intersection of spirituality and activism
  • Climate change and ecospirituality
  • Music / art / dance / writing for social transformation
  • Music / art / dance / writing for personal transformation
  • Conscious life in rural places
  • Food sovereignty / farming/ gardening
  • Ancestral relationship / reverence / discovery
  • Functional medicine & other holistic wellness modalities
  • Making things / artisan work
  • Anything connected to plants
  • Anything connected to animals
  • The work of death & dying & grief
  • Human rewilding
  • Non-dominant cultures and traditions
  • The work of self-discovery
  • Voluntary simplicity
  • Engaged spirituality
  • Healing the impacts of colonialism
  • Deep ecology
  • Silence
Contact us by filling out the form below.