Tribe of Beltway Shamans

On a monthly basis, there are community gatherings of those who are interested in shamanism, healing, and earth-based spirituality living in the greater Washington, DC area.  The group has seen many shifts and changes, and will likely continue to shift and transform as the community grows.  Our circles will be held in a variety of venues and will be hosted and co-facilitated by a variety of community members. Circles are about two hours long. Given that we are now open to using larger venues than before (or the outdoors), we are no longer limited in attendance. All are welcome.

We will hold a variety of opportunities to gather. We intend to have monthly circles to connect the community and share in shamanic and healing practices, discussion groups, and more. After each circle, we will decide on the date for the next based on who is hosting, as well as the location of the meetup. We also will share information about events that resonate with this community, as well as classes and workshops. If you have an event that you would like us to include, please be in touch!

To join the community or join us for an event, please click HERE!



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