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Happy Holidaysand a Blessed New Year!

Special holiday rates:

Private sessions at Rumi Wasi Sanctuary ~ 90 minutes / $120

  • Sound Medicine
  • Shamanic Energy Medicine
  • Reiki
  • Or a combination

Private sessions via Skype/Zoom ~ 60 minutes / $100

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Energetic Clearing & Support

Free Your Voice Packages:

  • Opening the door ~ 4 sessions / $300
  • Diving deeper ~ 8 sessions / $600
  • Full exploration ~ 12 sessions / $780

Personal Retreats at Rumi Wasi:

  • Unguided:  4 days, 3 nights ~ $600 with vegetarian meals; $450 without meals
  • Guided, package #1:  4 days, 3 nights with one guided session per day; $975 with vegetarian meals; $825 without meals
  • Guided, package #2:  4 days, 3 nights with two guided sessions per day; $1350 with vegetarian meals; $1200 without meals

*** Book by December 31st and save $100 off any personal retreat! 

Angela Blueskies Music ~ CDs & MP3s:

Songs of Spirit ~ an original album of inspiring and uplifting songs and mantras

Sound Medicine Meditations ~ an album of guided sound meditations, including toning and mantras, to support a personal sound meditation practice

  • 4 CDs ~ mix and match any way you like ~ $50 plus $5 shipping
  • MP3s ~ save $2 ~ usually $12, special holiday rate ~ $10

*** Holiday rate is available until December 31st ~ if you’d like to have items shipped to arrive by Christmas, please plan to order by December 18th! 

Gift certificates available! 

To purchase any holiday special package or offer, please use the contact box below, or message



From My Grandmother

Child, look back into your history, into your roots, and you will see a time when life was simple.  Less comfortable, yes, but as we weren’t attached to being comfortable as you are today, it wasn’t so much of a concern for us.  We lived in direct contact with the land in a way that … Continue reading

Insanity, Grief, and Change

Imagine with me the headlines in future historical publications, contemplating the errors of humanity in a country called America during the early 21st century:  Insanity at the Brink of Destruction.  Imagine the intellectuals, historians, philosophers, and teachers sifting through topics of this time we’re living in now, illustrating the divide between necessary cultural changes and … Continue reading

10 ideas for adding authentic joy and cheer to the season

Beginning just before Halloween, stores in the US start blasting holiday music, setting up displays of Christmas tree decorations, menorahs and candles, sweet treats, toys, and special gift-giving displays that are nearly impossible to avoid.  The consumer holiday machine grows stronger as Thanksgiving approaches, and by the time December 1st turns over the calendar, people … Continue reading

Message from the Elders: Make More Offerings

In October 2016, I had the beautiful opportunity to journey to the high Andean community of the Q’ero people with my dear friend Louisa, our Q’ero elders Don Augustin and Dona Benita, and their son Santos.  Having made many journeys to Peru across more than a decade, I have had quite a bit of direct … Continue reading

To My Cherokee Great Grandmother ~

Beloved Great Grandmother, I come to you today with an offering, and it’s the only offering I can give you with my fullness and truth:  my broken heart.  I know that you will receive it with tenderness and care, and I pray that you can guide me in finding the way forward in a world … Continue reading

What is a Woman?

What is a woman? An object of desire, a body that lends presence to a daydream, a fantasy of unspeakable pleasure? A fragrance, a glance, a soft touch, curves and shadows, seductive and alluring, calling the ancient memory of something just out of memory’s reach? What is a woman? A nurturing and caring mother, drying … Continue reading

Dismantling America

The other day, as I was passing through a toll booth on the way to DC, it hit me with such overwhelming clarity… as I was greeted by a patient, kind, and smiling man with an accent from southeast Asia… that what the US would be without the awesomeness of each and every immigrant is … Continue reading