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Adolescent Conservative Rhetoric, Part I

As the days continue in the saga of the new American political circus, I am finding that more and more of the people in my social media circles have either come into a strong position of standing together for the upturn of the insanity that has infected our government, or for those few who were … Continue reading

Where Did Our Compassion Go?

In the past week, one of the recurring messages I’ve seen popping up in the news is regarding the new series of budget cuts declared by the current US government, and how these cuts are “compassionate” and ultimately in favor of the poorest people in the US, who struggle so much already.  Voiced by the … Continue reading

10 Spiritual Books to Inspire You in Difficult Times

There are so many wonderful books available in the realm of spirituality and personal growth.  I sure have gathered a large collection of them over the years!  As we face the challenges of an uncertain political climate, as well as increasing evidence of environmental destruction, it is easy to become disheartened.  During times like these, … Continue reading

A Culture of Care

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”         ~ Martin Luther We have been living in difficult times for years now, and for any sensitive person, it can all feel like too much.  Having an open heart full of care and … Continue reading

Basic Goodness

Today, I had the honor of sitting face to face with a woman I had never before met, and engaging in a deep listening practice that allowed me an intimate window into her childhood dreams, what she loves about this world, the ones who lifted her up, and ways that she loves herself.  It’s a … Continue reading

Soul on Deck

Last night, I opened a message from a sister of mine and received a wonderful gift, words that were intended to uplift and inspire, and to acknowledge the shared courage and strength that we are gathering in these crazy times. One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a … Continue reading

Awakening to Cause & Effect

In the last decade or so of my father’s life, the accumulated effects of a lifetime of choices escalated into a number of serious illnesses.  The primary illness in his decline was type 2 diabetes, and the complications that unfolded from that.  On occasion, I would be in town visiting while he had scheduled medical … Continue reading