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What is a Woman?

What is a woman? An object of desire, a body that lends presence to a daydream, a fantasy of unspeakable pleasure? A fragrance, a glance, a soft touch, curves and shadows, seductive and alluring, calling the ancient memory of something just out of memory’s reach?   What is a woman? A nurturing and caring mother, … Continue reading

Dismantling America

The other day, as I was passing through a toll booth on the way to DC, it hit me with such overwhelming clarity… as I was greeted by a patient, kind, and smiling man with an accent from southeast Asia… that what the US would be without the awesomeness of each and every immigrant is … Continue reading

Day 11 & 12:

Bedminster, NJ & Pitman, NJ On Saturday afternoon, we headed to Bedminster, NJ after our time at the beach.  We certainly tried to fit in a lot of things, and it was a bit rushed as we headed out.  The travel was delightfully short, and though we arrived on time for setup, when we called … Continue reading

Day 10:

Lake Como, NJ It was so nice to have a morning to sleep in, especially with Helene having joined the tour, and also a shorter drive for the day!  The previous night was one of the few nights I spent in a hotel instead of with friends or community, and I enjoyed a nice soak … Continue reading

Day 8 & 9:

Castleton, NY & Lancaster, PA The middle of the tour has been a time of bouncing back and forth between New York and Pennsylvania ~ and with long days of driving, it’s been fairly exhausting.  But the moment I arrive at a venue, all the tiredness falls away as I am caught up in the … Continue reading

Day 7:

New Cumberland, PA After a wonderful stay with Barbara in East Aurora, NY, I headed out in the late morning.  East Aurora really captured my heart – a beautiful town with old victorian houses, a sweet and vibrant main street, and a definitively progressive vibe.  I can’t wait to go back!  After a delicious breakfast … Continue reading

Day 6:

East Aurora & Niagara Falls After finally getting a full night’s sleep, I awoke in the most deliciously comfortable bed to a beautiful sunny day ~ my one free day during the tour!  I took my time in getting up for the day, and eventually made my way downstairs to greet Barbara.  We enjoyed a … Continue reading