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Owl Medicine ~ Balance & Respect

One of the things that I find to be a perpetual journey in this modern world is finding ways to live in balance.  Balance between external focus and inner work, balance between the human world and nature, balance between the desires of the mind and the calling of the heart.  I feel so blessed to … Continue reading

Healing Our World

I feel moved to share some thoughts that have surfaced recently in light of the issues of violence and discrimination that are very much alive in our world right now. Though I am a multi-racial woman, I speak here from the point of view of my white ancestry, which is most visible as I navigate … Continue reading

Expressions of the Sacred Feminine

As my music path grows and touches the hearts of people everywhere, I am finding it more and more wonderful to connect with other artists, musicians, and carriers of the sacred in collaborating to create things that are more beautiful than what any of us could create on our own!  I am finding that as … Continue reading

Dreamtime Healing and Song

Last night I had a disturbing dream, one of what I have come to categorize as healing dreams. These aren’t dreams where I feel that some archetypal message is coming through from my subconscious, but where I am asked to witness and embody a devastating and tragic experience, and to hold compassion in my heart … Continue reading

Yoga, Spirituality, Sustainability, Integrity

In 2012, I stepped into walking the path of my Dharma full time.  Following my own deep inner guidance, my own powerful will and determination, and my understanding that devotion and intelligence would carry me through, I left behind doing the things that were not a part of my true life’s calling.  Now, about three … Continue reading

How will we respond?

When faced with ignorance, hatred, and injustice in the world, it’s easy to want to fight back and become angry. When we choose to answer that call, however, we feed the energies that we are fighting in the first place. What to do? We can choose to stay in a higher vibration, and to choose … Continue reading

Can the Gong bring physical healing?

I have yet to find much research or scientific knowledge around Sound Healing, and the Gong in particular, but this was an interesting short video to ponder!  A woman’s blood was tested immediately before and after the 60 minute Gong Bath, and there was a positive shift!  Check it out! And a follow up video, … Continue reading