Angela Blueskies created Free Your Voice as a way of supporting people in the journey of reclaiming their voices and their power through the conscious practice of singing. For years, she heard a common response to her own singing at events, concerts, and Sound Medicine Journeys: “your voice is SO angelic, so beautiful, I wish I could sing like that, but I can’t sing at all!” Having spent much of her life teaching music to others, she recognized that the traditional approach in vocal instruction was largely focused on results: cultivating technique, style, range, and repertoire. While these things are essential in studying classical voice, Angela recognized that this very approach was likely to cause many people to turn away, believing they could never master such complexities. If the usual way of teaching would keep people from ever beginning at all, Angela was determined to find an approach that was inviting, playful, inspiring, and empowering, to help people to move beyond the blocks and fears that keep them from expressing themselves ~ not only in singing, but in all of life ~ and guide them in finding the heart’s true voice through song. In this way, Free Your Voice is a refreshing alternative to classical voice lessons, allowing space for deep personal exploration along the way.

The little voice that wants to sing? It never dies. It is always there. No matter how harsh the judgmental voices are, how critical teachers or parents or friends may have been, and how suffocating the fear, where there is a spark of desire, there can be a wild river of possibility. That is the most exciting thing in the world. Even if you have dreamed of singing for twenty, thirty, forty, or more years, and have felt like you just couldn’t do it, I am here to tell you that you can. You simply need a safe container, a loving mentor, and the determination to face your fears with persistence. You can sing, that I promise you. 

~ Angela Blueskies

Free Your Voice is anchored in a process that guides students in dropping deeper than the mind, and connecting with the body and the breath. Elements of mindfulness meditation, pranayama, and yoga are brought together with playful exercises that raise awareness of one’s own unique voice, and while elements of style and technique inevitably arise, the goal is always to support each student in finding his/her own authentic creative impulse. Students often work with simple sound meditations, toning, and mantras throughout the process, and are welcome to choose songs from any genre, style, or era to learn along the way. In Free Your Voice, students are never asked to critique their voices ~ there is enough inner judgment built into most people to shut down the voice for a lifetime! Instead, students are asked to explore how things feel, and to notice how things change from one day to the next, cultivating a strongly attuned sense of observation to support continued growth. While the focus of Free Your Voice is singing, students are welcome to bring along instruments they desire to use in singing ~ including drums, hand percussion, keyboard instruments, ukulekes, or guitars. Students are also welcome to explore songwriting interests in Free Your Voice sessions.

It is highly encouraged that Free Your Voice students book a series of at least 4 sessions to fully experience the flow of what this work has to offer. Most students find that every 2 – 3 weeks is ideal spacing for sessions, and more than 3 weeks tends to bring a lapse in the flow of learning. Single sessions are, of course, welcome and encouraged as a trial to discover whether of not Free Your Voice is a good fit.

Free Your Voice is designed for adult students, and requires a willingness to approach self-inquiry and creativity in a mature, thoughtful, and introspective way. The process is largely driven by the personal interests and intentions of each student, and can be a wonderful tool for personal and spiritual growth. Free Your Voice is not designed for students under the age of 16, thank you for understanding.

Native American Flute

Angela has developed a unique branch of Free Your Voice for those who wish to learn to play the Native American Flute. The Native American Flute is a fairly simple instrument to learn, and most students can gain enough mastery of breath and hands in a single session to begin to play simple music, and to create their own original music as well. The Native American Flute is a wonderful instrument to use in meditation, while spending time in Nature, for travelling, and even in storytelling. Within a few sessions, many students learn enough simple technique to create a variety of interesting sounds and styles. Angela encourages all students to explore the oral tradition approach of learning to play, instead of simply learning common Native American songs and melodies. As students learn to listen deeply to the world around them, and to explore creating music with a deep listening approach, students engage one of the oldest ways of making music ~ inspired by the moment. Over time, students often create a Medicine Bundle of original songs that can be used in any number of ways ~ from honoring the seasons, the animals and trees, important cycles and holidays, and for ceremonies and sacred fire circles. Learning to play the Native American Flute also has wonderful hidden benefits, including expanding and strengthening breath capacity, reducing stress, and making more space in one’s life for creative expression.

In order to begin studying the Native American Flute, students must have a good instrument, preferably in the key of A. If you do not have a flute yet, please inquire with Angela for a recommendation on purchasing a flute to meet your needs. No previous musical experience is required, and music reading skills are not necessary. Just as with voice sessions, Native American flute sessions are designed for adult students.