Two Hands & A Heart ~ inspiring conversations for our time ~ is a project that brings inspiring and uplifting conversations to the world, featuring creatives, healers, teachers, and thought leaders that model what is possible in a changing world.

Episode 16: The Sacred Feminine as inspiration for Healing and the Creative Flow
Guest: Jo Jayson ~

Episode 15: Herbs As Friends and Spiritual Allies
Guest: Ashley Litecky Elenbaas ~

Episode 14: Mental Health, Activism, & Ancestors
Guest: Leah Harris ~

Episode 13: Ancestral Reclamation – Reconnecting With The Indigenous Self
Guest: Laura Perlin ~ &

Episode 12: Grounding Life in Ritual
Guest: Anjali Sunita ~

Episode 11: Engaged Spirituality ~ Walking Our Talk
Guest: Uma Alexandra Beepat ~

Episode 10: Following the flow of intuition
Guest: Carolynne Melnyk ~ &

Episode 8: The journey of self love
Guest: Ramdesh Kaur ~

Episode 7: Surrendering to the fullness of the moment
Guest: Susan Menahem ~

Episode 6: Drumming as a pathway of care
Guest: Katy Gaughan ~

Episode 5: Learning to Master the Emotional Body
Guest: Kathleen Hanagan ~

Episode 4: Purpose, Dreams & Embodying Our Most Authentic Self
Guest: Bobbie Arrington ~ you can connect with Bobbie at

Episode 2: The transformative and healing path of writing our stories
Guest: Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg ~

Episode 1: Seeing challenges as opportunities
Guest: Diane Dunn ~
Music: from an unknown Peruvian folk ensemble, Condor Pasa

*** Angela Blueskies and the Two Hands and A Heart project care deeply about the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. We value evidence-based science and public health measures, and believe that it is our collective responsibility to serve the greater good and protect each other. Conspiracy theories are rampant, and the personal growth/metaphysical spirituality world is filled with those who are promoting conspiracy theories. We believe that this is immensely harmful, and choose not to align with those who are publicly promoting those viewpoints. With this in mind, we regret to share that several episodes of our interview series have been removed because those guests are now spreading conspiracy theories, and we don’t want to support that in any way.

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