The Munay–Ki Rites are inspired by the Rites of the Shaman’s Path of the Q’ero Nation, the descendants of  the Inka, the indigenous people of the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru. Munay–Ki comes from the indigenous Quechua language, and essentially means “I love you.” The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a new human appearing on the planet – one who lives free of fear and resides in his/her transcendent nature. The Munay–Ki Rites are the codes for the new human. They are delivered in the form of energetic transmissions. These Rites are given as the next step in the evolution of humanity, to realign and attune our neuropathways and truly shift human consciousness. These Initiatory Rites, in essence, empower us to step into the task of assuming stewardship for the Earth and all creation. There are nine Rites in total. It is hoped that these Rites can be transmitted to as many as possible.

The Foundation Rites include the Healer’s Rite, the Bands of Power Rite, the Harmony Rite, and the Seer’s Rite. These Rites connect participants to their own capacity as healers, open up new levels of energetic perception and protection, and increase levels of inner knowing and intuition.

The Lineage Rites include the Daykeeper’s Rite, the Wisdomkeeper’s Rite, and the Earthkeeper’s Rite. These Rites connect participants to the ancient lineage of this tradition, to the ancestral healing lines of the Q’ero Nation and to each person’s ancestral healing lineage, and to the sacred healing energies of Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Apus (the sacred Mountains), and the Angels and Celestial Beings that guide and protect all life.

The Rites to Come include the Starkeeper’s Rite and the Creator Rite. In these Rites, participants will receive a deep attunement to archetypal energies of this tradition, a deep activation of evolutionary energies that can bring deep healing on a karmic level, and the connection to our creative and healing capacities connected to our own highest level of consciousness.

In addition to receiving the Rites through energetic transmission, participants will learn about the essential elements of the Andean shamanic traditions and cosmology, experience new ways of connecting to the elements of nature and the sacred directions, engage in practices for attuning the body and energy to the Rites, and explore ways to integrate this knowledge into daily life.

What are the benefits of receiving the Rites?

Those receiving the Munay-Ki Rites will benefit personally, emotionally, and spiritually in many ways, including:

  • Boosting physical resilience and healing through the attunement with higher vibration energy
  • Recalibration of DNA
  • Greater energetic protection
  • The awakening and amplification of healing gifts
  • The expansion of intuition, vision, and inner knowing
  • The harmonization and integration of mind, body, and spirit
  • Connection with spirit guides, including animal totems, archetypal energies, angelic and celestial guides, and ancestral beings
  • Direct connection to the ancient lineage of Andean shamans & healers
  • Emotional purification and the acceleration of healing of the shadow
  • Deeper connection to Earth healing energies, as well as the realms of Spirit
  • Greater self-reliance and trust through the cultivation of communication with the unseen
  • Entering into the flow of synchronicity, which often brings unexpected support and opportunities

These Rites are beneficial to the recipient on both personal and transpersonal levels, ushering in an intensified process of healing as one is blessed with these ancient energetic transmissions.  On a personal level, through receiving the Rites, one is purified on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels, clearing the chakra system, and illuminating what the Earthkeepers have called the “rainbow body,” which transcends this single life on earth.  On a broader level, receiving the Munay-Ki Rites ushers in an accelerated process of the evolution of humanity.  Leaving behind our conflict-based, competitive, and destructive ways, this evolutionary energy helps us to shift into a deep state of peace, harmony, and balance among the people of our beautiful Earth, and with all life.  The Rites are not to be considered a “certification” of any kind, but are received and shared as a transmission of energy that is meant to heal and transform humanity into one of humble service.

Who can receive the Rites?

Anyone who carries the desire within his or her heart to be a healing presence in the world, and to grow and heal on a personal level.  There are no prerequisites for receiving the Rites.  You don’t need to be a “shaman” or have any experience or knowledge related to shamanic practice.  You must only carry an open heart and mind, and the willingness to be a steward during this time of global transformation.  Those who receive all nine Rites may become practitioners and teachers, and may continue to pass on the Rites.




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