After Sound Medicine events, Angela has often been asked if she teaches people how to play the gong, singing bowls, and other sound healing instruments. Angela has been teaching music for over 30 years, and is delighted to support students in exploring a wide variety of sound healing instruments to support their personal and professional practices.

In regard to Sound Medicine, there’s a lot to learn in terms of deep listening, structure, technique, pacing, style, and format, and these things are deeply interwoven into the creation of music itself ~ there’s a lot more to Sound Medicine than simply learning how to make a sound with an instrument. Angela brings a lifetime of experience as a trained professional musician and teacher to this process.  If you’ve been wanting to explore how you might use a gong, singing bowl, or other sound healing instrument in your life or work, Angela is delighted to support your learning.  Students are often yoga teachers, healing/wellness professionals, classroom teachers, meditators, and generally stressed out people looking for a creative outlet!

Due to the pandemic, Sound Medicine Lessons are available only online. Once scheduled, students will receive guidance in how to best set up Zoom to allow for the best possible sound.

TERMS: This package is for 4 Sound Medicine lessons with Angela Blueskies. Sessions are 60 minutes, and take place via Zoom. Regular price $440, discounted rate $375. Package may be renewed as desired. Once payment is submitted, NO REFUNDS. Within 2 business days of receiving payment, you will receive a link to the online scheduler. A minimum of 24 hours is required to reschedule sessions. Thank you!