This page is filled with wonderful and diverse resources for those on the path of healing and personal growth. I hope you find something here that speaks to you in a good way! Angela Blueskies is not personally affiliated with any of these pages or resources, and simply shares them from a place of appreciation, and wanting to share them with the community. Enjoy!

Tara Brach & The Insight Meditation Community of Washington ~ a wonderful on-the-ground and online community with a wealth of resources connected to mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth.

The Center for Action & Contemplation ~ a wonderful short meditation.

Joanna Macy and her wonderful body of work brings people to connect with practices and wisdom that enables us to move beyond our grief, frustration, anger, and emptiness into a place of empowerment and gratitude. Her body of work is called The Work That Reconnects, and can be found here: and

The Center for Babaylan Studies bridges those in the diaspora with living babaylans of the Philippines and with indigenous living traditions.

The Insight Timer app is a wonderful tool for exploring different approaches to meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation.


Coming Back to Life ~ a wonderful book by Joanna Macy

The Smell of Rain on Dust – a wonderful book by Martin Prechtel

Braiding Sweetgrass – a wonderful book by Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Yoga of Sound – a wonderful book by Russill Paul