Theme: Gratitude and Healing Through Ritual Offerings

Special Guest: Padma Wine of The Shamanic Trance Dance and Empowerment Center in Greenbelt, MD ~ https://www.shamanicempowermentcenter… In this conversation, we explore the work of ancestral lineage healing and repair, and in particular, the path of cultivating relationship with ancestors through ritual offerings and practices that symbolize our commitment and faith in the process.

Theme: Ancestors, Belonging, & Boundaries ~ connecting with our ancestors can bring us a profound sense of belonging to our people, our ancestral cultures and ways, and the homelands/place of our people. Also, the prospect of connecting with ancestors can sometimes feel scary when we know that there is unwellness with particular known ancestors or within the family. In this conversation, we explore the importance of creating boundaries in ancestor work (and ultimately all healing work and our lives), and end with a super helpful practice that can assist with this.

Theme: Ancestors & Connecting with Nature ~ as we come into deeper connection with our ancestors, we inevitably encounter their connection with Nature ~ the land, the elements, particular landscapes and places in the world ~ and this can contribute to healing our human relationship with our beloved Mother Earth today in important ways.

Theme: The Living & The Dead ~ the interconnected role between our departed loved ones and our expressed love and grief in ancestralization and Ancestral Lineage Healing

Theme: Cultural Traumas and Ancestral Healing
Special Guest: Ranessa Porter of Heart Centered Healing in Alexandria, VA ~

Theme:  A general exploration of the work of Ancestral Lineage Healing, Repair, and Reverence.