Bhakti Tree-49

As a professional musician, much of my career has been filled with performing as a flutist – concerts with large and small ensembles, chamber music, flute and piano, private events, wedding ceremonies, and the like.  Being classically trained, I am well versed in the full spectrum of classical music literature, and have offered my services in a variety of settings all over the US and abroad.  But along the way somewhere, I began to fall out of love with classical music.  I longed for something more original, something that I could connect with from a heart-centered place instead of my intellect.  Beginning in 2004, I spent a lot of time travelling the world, and carrying my bamboo flute with me, and my musical path began to shift directions.

Improvisation and playing by ear entered my life at an early age.  I played along with my favorite pop artists as a child, and also along with whatever was on the radio.  Little did I know that this would be the true homecoming that I would find in the midst of my career as a professional musician!  In my world travels, I found myself playing simple melodies, learning folk music by ear from people all over the world, and starting to listen deeply for original music in sacred lands and sacred spaces. I found myself letting go of the familiar world of classical music and going with the flow of music-making wherever I was.  A new direction was emerging in my career, a direction that was off-the-page and full of freedom and inspiration!

In spending more and more time in contact with a world of music that is without notation or too much planning, I discovered that I have been granted access to a realm of music that is directly connected with Spirit.  I am grateful for my thousands upon thousands of hours of training and practice, for they serve me well now – my body knows the instrument so well that my mind is free to engage in a highly intuitive space.  I have come to feel that this intuitive process is a direct channeling of music from Spirit, free from my personal interference, and I am grateful that life has offered me this gift.  It is my humble honor to carry forth the sacred music that emerges.

It brings me great pleasure to be able to offer this music to others.  I would love to talk with you about your wedding, special event, sacred ceremony or ritual that would benefit from the inclusion of sacred flute music.  Please contact me below.