Practices of shamanic healing, earth based spirituality, and indigenous life ways have been instrumental in my own journey of personal growth.  In 2005, I journeyed through Peru for the first time, and connected deeply with the cosmology and vision from the high Andes Mountains.  Since that time, my life, my heart and mind, my creative path, my work, and my place in the world have been profoundly influenced by the wise teachers I have been blessed to meet.

I have woven some of these traditions into my life, and have been guided to share them with my brothers and sisters from North America.  You can learn more about this by clicking on the following links:


Rite of the Womb

Despacho Ceremony

Learning directly from the source is the most amazing thing, for sure ~ and below you’ll find a short documentary created in the mid 1990s about the amazing people of the Q’eros Communities, high in the Andes.