SMJ logoIn my sound healing work, I bring together a lifetime of musical expertise and a deep devotion to healing. In group sessions, participants are invited to relax deeply and surrender to the music as it carries them into a state of deep and blissful relaxation. Much like an extended session of savasana (corpse pose) at the end of a yoga class, everyone is invited to rest comfortably on the floor and receive the healing flow of sounds and music. Each session is unique, and may include the healing sounds of flutes, rattles, drum, and voice, varying from soft melodies to mantras to healing songs from around the world.” 

~ Angela Blueskies

Sound Medicine Journey Through the Chakras

“God I’ve been wanting to go to another one… It was better than acupuncture!!” ~ Ally S.

 Sound and vibration have an incredible capacity to facilitate the healing process. Sound Medicine, an expression of the path of Nada Yoga, unites the pure energy of sound with the intention to create a healing environment for the body and mind. Sound Medicine embraces the idea that when vibration shifts, healing and integration can occur, and states of deep peace and rejuvenation may result.

In this gently guided session, Angela Blueskies leads participants into a comfortable and receptive state, inviting deep relaxation. Guided by a lush array of instruments and the voice, participants will visit each of the chakras as they are bathed in the nourishing vibrations of music, mantra, and sacred healing songs. Through listening deeply within and exploring insights that arise, participants will gain deeper access to their own healing process, and emerge from the experience feeling balanced, peaceful, and light.

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