SMJ logoWhat is the goal or intention of Sound Medicine Journeys?

Through the intentional use of sound, music, and song, to provide an experience that holds space for people to deeply relax, let go, and enter into a receptive state that can allow space for healing, release, and integration to occur.  This work is not intended as a replacement for allopathic medical care or to cure any particular health condition.  If you are experiencing a serious medical condition, please seek the guidance of your doctor, who can suggest a variety of alternative healing methods to support you as well.

Duration: 75 minutes

Private sessions:  Available by appointment, for individuals, couples or small groups; can be customized to your needs, and available at Rumi Wasi Sanctuary or your home.

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is a form of energy healing work that uses vibration, frequency, sound, toning, chanting, song, and music to bring a shift in the body, mind, and energy. Intentional application of sound and music can bring release, transformation, and balancing to many people. Like all forms of energy healing, sound healing works with the principle that all physical issues in the body begin as energy imbalances in the energy body ~ the field that surrounds the physical body. Just as certain thoughts can bring particular feelings ~ both body based feeling and emotion ~ and can cause us to feel good or bad, or even make us sick, the intentional creation of sound and music with healing in mind can help the body to relax deeply, allow the mind to release its fixation on thoughts, and we can easily enter into a flow: gentle, present, dreamy, inspired, imaginative.  From this space, we are able to release tension, worries, heavy energies, obsessive thinking, control, pain, and fears. As these things release, there is more lightness, inspiration, freedom, openness, and creativity, and insight and wisdom can emerge. Also, from this space of openness and presence, the body is more able to heal, regenerate, and release on all levels. Sound and vibration have an incredible capacity to facilitate this healing process ~ as the sounds come to you (from voice, drum, singing bowls, flutes, gong, etc), the qualities and vibrations of sound will facilitate all kinds of shifts.

The drum may help to focus the energy, clear the mind, bring strength and steadiness, and ground. The energy and textures of the voice can call up a wide variety of feelings and sensations, and can move and shift and clear energy in many ways ~ from powerful clearing to gentle lullabies that calm and nourish.  Words, syllables, and sounds from many languages have been used for thousands of years in this kind of healing work in cultures all over the world. The flutes, in their elemental flow, are wonderful tools in creating movement and connection where there are blocked energies, and often are powerful in opening the heart. The harmonic complexities of both crystal and brass Himalayan singing bowls are often used for healing purposes, and many are created with particular intention to resonating in the energy of certain chakras. Though there is quite a contrast in the resonance of crystal bowls and brass bowls, they all create powerful healing frequencies that are capable of clearing and balancing the chakras. Finally, the gong! One of the most powerful tools in vibrational healing, the incredible tones and harmonics of the gong actually bathe the body and energy field with vibration. The wide dynamic range and otherworldly qualities of the Chau gong can take people on profound and mysterious inner journeys, clear and balance the energy in a thorough way, and open them to receiving deep personal insight. Together with a clear intention on the part of a good practitioner, these instruments offer a wonderful energy healing toolkit that can bring people to experience remarkable inner transformation, peace, and lightness.

Finally, it is essential to understand that sound healing and sound medicine are not intended to take the place of any allopathic or alternative medical care. While energetic healing and balancing can bring tremendous shifts in the energy body that can, in turn, facilitate deeper physical, mental, and emotional healing, there are no guarantees. If you have serious health concerns, please seek appropriate treatment.