While virtual classes have become a common offering at universities everywhere, online private music lessons are a new and revolutionary idea that are just beginning to be available. Through the platform of Skype video, now every student can enjoy engaging and individualized lessons in the convenience and comfort of home. This format of lessons is ideal for many people – busy adults who want to learn, children who have parents with demanding work schedules, those who live far away from urban centers with high quality professional teachers, and those who are moving but want to maintain lessons with a preferred teacher. Skype offers the possibility of music lessons to everyone, no matter how busy.

Online lessons, available in 45 and 60 minute sessions, are similar to in-person lessons in most ways, and even better in a few ways too. No more scheduling conflicts will keep you from having regular lessons. With the freedom and convenience of lessons in your home, rescheduling is easy and flexible, with ample notice. You also have the convenience of being able to have lessons if you need to go out of town – as long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can have your lesson. The video and audio quality of Skype is fantastic, and allows for both teacher and student to communicate with ease. A quality microphone and speakers are best for private lessons, and the video camera built into most computers is perfect. Sharing of lesson materials between teacher and student is done through scanning and email, and sound files are shared in this way as well. Other lesson materials – books, music, etc – may be purchased at any music store or online.

I offer online private lessons in both flute and voice.

  • Flute lessons online are available to anyone with a minimum of six months playing experience, and over the age of 10. Younger students who have already begun study of the flute may be fine with online lessons, as well, and will be considered on an individual basis. No beginner students under age 16 for flute will be accepted. Adult beginners will be considered on an individual case basis.

  • Flute lessons are offered for traditional silver flute as well as Native American flute. Silver flute lessons include elements of technique, tone production, breathing, music theory, and for more advanced students, exploring the flute literature beyond what is offered in school programs. Students with all levels of interest and ability are welcome, and focus is always on the student’s individual interests and goals. Students seeking to work on auditions, competitions, and other similar events are welcome.

  • Native American flute lessons, by contrast, are intuitive and improvisatory. Focus is on cultivating basic tone and technique, and then exploring deep listening, connection with nature, and the creation and sharing of original music.

  • Voice lessons are open to anyone age 13 and over – both beginners and those with some experience. Preteen students will be considered on an individual case basis as well. Voice lessons are offered in a fun and playful format, including elements of technique, tone, breath, exploring the range, and individual interests and goals. Students seeking higher levels of mastery and preparing for auditions/competitions may be referred to another teacher. Students wanting to explore their own original songs and songwriting are encouraged!

If you are curious to learn more about online private lessons in flute or voice, please be in touch! I would be happy to set up a private Skype meeting with you to see if online lessons are a good fit. Or if you would like to arrange a trial lesson, please contact Angela!

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