Free Your Voice ~ Sing Your Heart Song ~ Workshop:

Do you really want to SING but have a story inside of you that holds you back?  No matter how critical teachers, parents, or friends may have been, or how suffocating the fear, or how much you have felt like you just couldn’t do it, I am here to tell you that you can!  You simply need a safe container, a loving mentor, and the determination to face your fears with persistence. You can sing, that I promise you. This workshop was designed especially for YOU!

With its foundations in Nada Yoga, The Yoga of Sound, Angela guides participants in connecting with the body and the voice, deepening awareness through sound meditation, working with the energy of vibration to remove blocks, and transforming belief systems that keep you from expressing yourself freely, all through playful exploration and fun exercises.  Angela has shared this process with students in workshops throughout North and South America.  She also works with private clients in exploring singing as a pathway to awakening, personal growth, and freedom of expression, which is available via Skype to students all over the world.


Free Your Voice Workshops can be customized to the needs of particular groups (teens, all women, etc), and in duration (minimum = 90 minutes, maximum = 3 hours).  If you would like to host a Free Your Voice Workshop in your home or venue, please contact us using the form below!



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