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Sacred Music

“Angela’s music is pure magic.   It calms me, uplifts me and sounds great!    It connects _MG_8921me to the beautiful places inside me.”   Tim M.

“Your CD is beautiful and so well produced. It’s great for meditations.”  ~ Blake T.

”Very few come to the top of the mountain that is Nada Yoga… It is the giving up of one’s self to unite as one for a higher purpose through sound… and allowing a higher power to direct the proceedings… It is the musician becoming the instrument… Angela…  [has] reached the top of this mountain that is the spiritual journey of a musician: to become an instrument of God.” ~ Simon W.

“Angela and I collaborated together…   Angela’s flute playing is fluid, creative, pure, and powerfully evocative.”  ~ Owen O.

Workshops, Sound Medicine Journeys, & More

“Thank you again for a great gong healing session. I experienced some great breakthroughs and releases of feelings and events that have been holding me back from achieving my creative goals. During the initial round I felt the glass casing around me pinged by the wave and sounds. Then through those small holes my ether, spirit began to disperse. With each succeeding wave the glass eventually broke and I was broadened and brightened from my initial state. I took your advice to let things go and was grateful for this guidance.”  ~ Amy

Angela is a skilled and powerful musician and teacher. Spend time with this offering and discover what those of who have been blessed to sing with her know: you will be moved and changed by the experience.”   ~ Jamie S.

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift and spirit. Our center will still be vibrating come Monday morning and the love so freely expressed has dramatically impacted our community. The waves of light are shining in our hearts.”   ~ April B.

“The time we spent with you… was truly special and we are grateful to have had an opportunity to receive your gifts.  Many thanks.”  ~ Gretchen H.

“Angela Blueskies is a truly unique individual who realized her unlimited potential to bring joy, love, and healing into people’s lives… Treat yourself to one of her unique sound healing sessions and experience how much sound can bring healing into your life!”  ~ Donat S.

“I am still seeing changes reassembling my life. This is amazing!!!” ~ Amy

Ceremonies & Rituals

“We wanted our wedding ceremony to provide a memorable and sacred experience for ourselves, and our guests. Angela’s graceful flute playing was integral in creating the atmosphere for our special occasion.”  ~ Keith D.

“When a wedding is underway, there is a spirit present that is greater than the sum of its parts. What greater gift to all present than to have someone who can transform that frequency into sound. Angela Blueskies will give the Sacred in your day a voice that reaches every ear and heart.”  ~ Amy M.

“Angela’s flute playing and singing is divine! Her passion and love for life come through loud and clear when she creates music… I experienced her music in a ceremonial setting and it lifted the vibration in a powerful way. I know that any type of sacred event or ceremony would be greatly uplifted by Angela’s music, and by her presence. She is a loving soul!”  ~ Tim M.


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