There are so many different kinds of people in the world. Some love questions for the sake of philosophical and mental bantering, and the game of devil’s advocate. Some are interested in only seeing their own beliefs reinforced. Some see things in black and white, and others in full spectrum of color. Some people need to have a battle in their lives in order to feel fulfilled. Some truly long for peace and suffer inside themselves in order to create an external sense of peace in the world. Some people want only to be happy, and others can’t remember what happiness feels like, while others ride the waves of feeling from the heights to the depths. Some people want to explore as far as the limits of existence will allow. Some people trust only logic and mind, while others trust only in their own passions. Some people follow the heart, and some people follow power and money. Some people are deeply hurt and traumatized, and some people thrive on the suffering of others. We live in a human world soup filled with all of these and more. It is clear as we look around ourselves right now that all of these ways of being are stirring the pot of human evolution in powerful ways that are not pretty. In my own heart and mind, I do believe that there is infinite choice, and that there is no guarantee that love, peace, compassion, and wise freedom will prevail. But I am also 100% committed to living this life in ways that take a strong stand for these things.

Love isn’t the same thing as co-dependence or enabling others (or ourselves) in toxic and harmful behaviors. Peace isn’t the same thing as stifling our authentic feelings in order to make others happy or to keep from rocking the boat. Compassion doesn’t mean that we tolerate harm, ignorance, or abuse from anyone. And wise freedom is a far cry from licentious tolerance, anarchy, and deregulation of standards needed to keep balance and harmony in the name of the greater good. Love can be fierce and furious. Peace can be strong and vocal and persistent. Compassion can also mean seeing the big picture and severing relationships. And wise freedom calls us all to step up beyond our own childish, selfish desires and see the bigger picture from our higher minds and hearts.


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