In this country of great wealth and luxury, we tend to prefer an inebriated state of numbness, ignorance, distraction, and apathy to *actually* having to face things that are horrific. Build a wall around the heart, be unwilling to feel empathy and compassion for all but those closest to us ~ make them so “other” that they are truly not human or worthy of care or protection. Build a fortress in the mind, willing to defend only what is most personally beneficial, especially in terms of property, power, and money. Anger becomes pathologized. Care becomes weakness. Just keep reaching for the next thing ~ buy the stuff, buy the ideas. Elevate your sense of self through religious and spiritual belief systems that propose the one and only right way ~ be it Jesus or the power of manifestation.

ENOUGH. I call upon the universal forces of change and transformation to clear this shit out. Enough with the addiction to buying things and owning things and accumulating things without a care in the world as to the global impact of such actions. Enough with the self-interest, only wanting to promote ideas that are self-serving to one’s own tiny fraction of humanity. Enough with the distractions, enough with the unwillingness to see what is in front of us, enough with the refusal to care and get involved, enough with the inner emotional collapse in the face of what has gone so very, very wrong in these times.

Anger is a righteous force. Anger, when not harnessed with intelligence, can also drive foolish and harmful actions. But anger, when it cracks open the heart and mind to a mighty roar of “ENOUGH,” is a force to be reckoned with. It is a force of awakening, burning off the fog of denial and numbness, jolting the heart with concern and the mind with clear seeing, and propelling us forward into acting as warriors for justice and wisdom and truth.

I am personally SO very grateful for the work of visionary activist Joanna Macy and her Work That Reconnects, as it opens a space for truly coming to feel ALL the feelings, especially the ones we tend to dismiss, repress, and deny, in order to become fully awake in the force of standing up for what is right and just. A good place to start:

Waking to Feeling

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