While I’m hardly naive enough to see the sickening happenings in my country as new, I am truly shocked to see how much heartlessness, greed, and self-righteousness has been given voice. Greed over caring for each other. Hostile intolerance over compassion and acceptance of our differences. Military bravado and blind nationalism over wisdom, understanding, and justice. Religious dogmatism over kindness, service, and inner spiritual growth. It’s a shameful mess, truly. There’s a southern phrase that calls people out on being an embarrassment: “showing your ass.” There are way too many people caught up in showing their asses right now. Knowing that the tides are turning, people resist the change that is underway, and they fight with the WORST of who they are. With the exact opposite of kindness and wisdom.
When the supposed leader of my country seeks to dismantle environmental protections that ensure that greedy, foolish people won’t put their own monetary acquisitions above the future of this planet, they are showing their asses. When those leading this country seek to boost the wealth of the wealthiest, while pushing everyone else further and further into struggle to thrive, and then blame that struggle on the very ones they’re harming, they are showing their asses. When racism, xenophobia, and bigotry are paraded around in public, and supported by those who lead or seek to lead this country, they are showing their asses. When overt and unapologetic abuse happens ~ whether to children, women, minorities, animals, the environment, or our laws and systems of justice ~ and the leaders of this country turn their faces away, smirking and shrugging, they are showing their asses. When people think only of themselves, their own fortunes and circumstances, their own small tribal/familial units, and their own personal interests, and shun and attempt to dismantle the well being of others with no concern, they are showing their asses. For shame. Truly, for shame. It is truly the behavior of spoiled, bratty little children who have not been taught ~ or who have chosen to ignore ~ that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and intolerable.
Who will we choose to be? Wise and mature adults who think of the greater good for not only ourselves, but for all others, and for the future of this world? Or bratty, self-absorbed, and spoiled children who think only of themselves and to hell with all others, and the future? This is the current battleground of this country right now. Somehow, the worst, darkest, and most poisonous aspects of our population have been given free reign, and are trampling all that is good and holy like a bull in a china shop. I only hope and pray that those of us who are witnessing this monstrosity will stand firmly in our responsibility as leaders and mature human beings and put a stop to this charade. It has been going on for far too long already, and enough is enough.
Bull in the China Shop

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