Sitting on the deck, drinking in the night.  I love the Real World!!!  The Night, the Forest, the Fireflies, the Breeze, the Cricket Song, the Trees, the Light Mist of Rain.  I love these things that bring me into my body, for the real world asks for the body to move and feel and express.  And OH!!  The quiet of the night up here.  I love it beyond anything I can say – the night on this Mountain, it’s one of my life’s great pleasures.  It saved me tonight, it returned me to what I LOVE.

I feel angry and uncomfortable when my life has me dealing too much in the artificial world – the world of technology, and the world of mass produced things and ideas and experiences.  I want to stay away from that as much as possible.

Go and be with the night.  For long enough for it to enter you.  Go alone, and sit in stillness, listening.  Here you will find the answers you long for, often to the questions you haven’t even thought of yet.  Go and be with the night, it will always bring you home to yourself. 

Go and Be With the Night

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