The stars are immense ~ the clear night sky is truly magnificent during this dark window of the new moon.  And yet, most of western culture inhabitants live in places where it is not possible to exist free from light pollution.  Coming into the still darkness of night, surrounded by the Real World, the senses come alive.  Listening becomes keen.  Down near the road, by where our recycling is placed for pickup the next day… rustling.  The more still I am, the more I notice.  Becoming invisible, I am present.  Raccoon?  Fox?  Bear?  Whoever is out here with me suspects that humans have left behind something tasty, and I hear the sounds of teeth and claws tearing into the recycling bags.  I click my tongue and make swishing sounds with my voice, and whoever is down there, searching for a treat, is unfazed.  This is, after all, the Real World, and the fellow creatures that share this world with me are not afraid in the same ways that animals in suburbs are.  This is their domain, more forest than human, and when the humans leave behind remnants of their presence, it’s fair game.

Humans don’t care more about the wider world because they’re caught up in themselves.  Self may simply be ME, or it may be MY family, MY circle, MY property, MY jurisdiction.  This is not merely connected to the interpersonal challenges you see in your world right now, but also in the ways that humans relate with the wider world of Relations. 

I listen, but also find myself begging for Her not to bring political issues into this sacred time of deep listening to the Night.  I get it, truly I do!  But please, this is my time to be with the Real World!!  Don’t muddy the two…

It is not separate.  For as you separate yourself from others, and from the Real World, you also block the web of interconnectedness that is responsible for your care.  It works both ways!  As you claim full authority and responsibility for your own survival and success, you separate yourself from the flow of care and protection that is available to you.  This does not come to you from some imaginary god or divine being, it is simply the flow of life energy in its most natural form.  And humans have done everything within their capacity to divest themselves from this life energy.  In your own life, this appears as overwork and anxiety about meeting your needs.  In your culture, this appears as the tendency to be disinterested in the wellbeing of others, and claim that each one is responsible for him/herself.  The tendency within you and others to want to care for the wellbeing of others beyond your immediate personal investment is ultimately the desire to return to the natural flow of life energy, in which all of life cares for itself.  The interdependence of all things is the Law of Nature.  Going against that law is not only harmful to the whole, but it is inevitably harmful to the individual as well.  Either everyone thrives, or no one does. 

My own perennial question remains:  how do we heal this persistent ignorance in the Human World?

Practice surrender.  Practice trust.  Give yourself to me in order to heal this rift in yourself, and then you will know more. 




Coming into Relationship

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