Last night I had a disturbing dream, one of what I have come to categorize as healing dreams. These aren’t dreams where I feel that some archetypal message is coming through from my subconscious, but where I am asked to witness and embody a devastating and tragic experience, and to hold compassion in my heart while moving energy through for the healing of the ones who show up in the dream. These are different from “my” dreams, because there is a distinct story line that is very detailed and that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I have ever experienced, contemplated, or studied. These have been coming over the last three years now, and I am ever blown away by them…

Last night, I was a man in the middle east somewhere, and I was aboard a train when a series of extremists came on board with semi-automatic rifles. They were searching for some of us (I, Angela, am not sure what the differentiating factor was, only that there were some people being hunted down for some reason, racial or political, or other…), and I tried to appear asleep on the train so that they wouldn’t notice me or find me and kill me. Time shifted, and I was in a building, trying to hide or escape from the same extremists with huge guns, considering hiding in a small cabinet, or even considering climbing out the window and running, knowing that if they found me in either case, they would capture me and torture me, if not shoot me outright. I ended up fleeing with several other young men, and we were running along a 6-inch shelf of concrete on the edge of a city waterway that was filthy… the shelf on which we were fleeing was below street level, and we were hoping to go undetected there. We knew that the city was filled with these extremists and our chances of escape were very slim…

Boom, I awoke, feeling terrified and shaken. The sense of terror in fleeing was palpable, as if it were my own. The heart pounding from running continued for some time. The sense of hopelessness and surrender to whatever fate will come was also very strong. This isn’t the first time I’ve connected with what I now call “refugee consciousness,” but it’s the first time I’ve processed it in a dream in such a direct way. I know that this is the reality for many people in this world right now, as the refugee situation has escalated. I also know that in the US, and likely in much of the west, many people just don’t want to think about it or accept it as something that is truly the business of ALL of humanity. I am grateful for this dream, and for Spirit opening my heart more deeply to the plight of so many people who are suffering.

The greatest gift from this d


ream was the gift of a new song which is now forming itself. It is clearer than ever to me now that Medicine Songs are not simply uplifting hippie songs that inspire and connect us with high vibrations, they are truly Medicine for the deep sickness in this world. At 3am when the song started coming through, I was absolutely overtaken by the connection to these people who are our brothers and sisters and who are caught in deep violence and trauma. My body shook, my heart ached, and tears poured down my cheeks. I know that I am only one woman, but I do know that as we share the Songs that open our hearts beyond self-interest, apathy, and material distractions, the wisdom in our Humanity will emerge, and healing will happen on a massive scale. Bowing in gratitude for this work that moves my entire life.




Dreamtime Healing & Song

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