As my music path grows and touches the hearts of people everywhere, I am finding it more and more wonderful to connect with other artists, musicians, and carriers of the sacred in collaborating to create things that are more beautiful than what any of us could create on our own!  I am finding that as the essence of the Divine Feminine is emerging stronger in this western world ~ finally! ~ that the energy of collaboration is replacing the energy of competition, which has been so dominant in the patriarchal world that we are leaving behind.  I was just sharing a juicy conversation with a dear sister yesterday, as we stood in the strong and purifying current of the beautiful Shenandoah River, that THIS emergence is what is bringing such profound healing to the world!

I met artist Jo Jayson a little over a year ago, as we had both been invited as guests to 12108988_1180401955320101_2650411991910967627_nsupport a workshop with our work – mine, visionary music, and hers, visionary art.  It was such an incredible touching and synergistic meeting, as we felt a deep soul sisterhood, and knew that much more magic would be unfolding with us!  Indeed, in this year’s time, magic has begun to unfold, and the amazing video you are about to watch is a testament to that!  Jo’s beautiful series of paintings honoring the Sacred Feminine are some of the most remarkable work I’ve ever seen *anywhere* ~ and as a soulful and inspired woman can capture the essence of the Divine Feminine in the way only a woman can!  Soon after our meeting, Jo invited my beloved, Helene Garrovillo, to be the model for her Grandmother Spider paining, which you can see at the close of this beautiful video – the final work in a series of truly extraordinary paintings honoring the Feminine!  And a couple months ago, when she reached out to bring “One Star” ~ one of the songs on my debut album ~ into the video she was creating to honor these paintings, it was truly my honor to contribute!  As Divine women, we come together to support each other in stepping into our highest, finest selves, and our most magnificent work!  And so, here it is!  Do yourself a huge favor, and disconnect from anything else that may distract you in order to receive the fullness of the gift of this music and art:

You can find more information about Jo Jayson’s beautiful work on her website:


Expressions of the Sacred Feminine

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