I’ve been drawn to sacred singing and music for some time but it remained a beautiful mystery to me, a magical gift that some amazing people on this planet are bestowed with, but which had been eluding me so far. I really wanted to be able to use my voice in a sacred, more conscious way but hadn’t been able to move forward in that direction. I never thought of taking singing lessons because I never imagined that somebody could teach it in a way that would take me where I wanted to go. Then one day I accidentally saw a post that Angela was looking for new students. Knowing Angela through her performances, I felt like it was a perfect opportunity and I was called to give it a try.

What I started experiencing from the very first session of working with Angela completely shattered any expectations I might have had about the process – it opened my mind to a whole different world of sacred sound, as well as dimensions within myself I was not aware of before. Each session was not simply a lesson, it was a deep practice that involved working with the body and the energy that allowed for openness to the flow. It was a yoga practice in a deepest sense of it, the Yoga of Sound. Each session was full of spontaneity, playful experiments, and new discoveries. Each session was unique, unfolding as we went.

There were times when I dialed into a session with a splitting headache, barely wanting to talk, much less to sing, and would receive such a profound healing that by the end of the hour, the headache was all but forgotten and I felt energized and joyful. I love that Angela’s teaching approach is highly individual and in the moment. In my view, this is a crucial aspect of her program, as we are all different people with different intentions, histories, paths, and learning ways. There is so much more to Free Your Voice than just singing, more than just freeing your vocal voice ~ it is about finding your true voice, reconnecting with your true self.  It is a journey.

Thank you so much for your guidance on this amazing journey, Angela, and for sharing your light!

1415404_780086185344092_3369073808155174879_oPhoto courtesy of Casey Campbell Davis Photography 2014

Free Your Voice ~ by Anna Poiarkova

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