Each night when I’m home and the weather is good, I go to sit with the night. Sometimes I meditate with my mala, and sometimes, I just sit and listen. This has become one of my favorite things in life, for sure, and living here on this Mountain fills me with such gratitude. If we are still and let go of the mind, we have access to know things we might not otherwise know, and to learn to listen to the messages Life wants to deliver. This is only possible when we get really, really quiet.
I am going to start sharing some of the insights I receive from sitting with the night.
Two nights ago, as I let my body and mind unwind from the busyness of my day, I fell into an immense gratitude for the world around me, and I heard, “this is the REAL world,” this world of wind and stars and fireflies and trees. This is where *real* life happens. All that busyness and working and struggle and confusion that takes up so much of our human days? All of what we consider “important” as humans? That’s all just the “human” world, and in the wider web of life, it is nothing. And so, I go to sit with the night in order to realign with the real world.
Sitting with the Night

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