These are unprecedented days, as we navigate the spread of Coronavirus in our communities and our world. Tension is high, as people consider the unfolding of illness and economic struggles, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. As I ponder this situation each day, I keep seeing the struggles that come when we try to stay in control ~ personally, in our communities, in our countries, and globally ~ as there is so much uncertainty. It has been my practice over many years to consider the reality of any situation in understanding what I can and cannot control, and in this situation ~ as in many others ~ what I can control most successfully is my own day-to-day choices, and the ways that I resource my body, mind, emotions, and energy. With this in mind, I have assembled 10 ideas for ways to stay resourced as we all navigate this time together:

  1. Ask for support ~ from friends, from family, from community. If you’re struggling with anxiety, isolation, and uncertainty, reach out to someone who loves you.
  2. Give support ~ reach out to the ones you love. Especially those who are living alone and may feel exceptionally isolated.
  3. Do something with your body and mind other than scroll through Facebook and the news. Dance, draw, play music, take a nap, take a walk (staying clear of any people you meet), clean out the garage.
  4. Read something inspiring that is unrelated to this crazy time we’re in.
  5. Enjoy some of the amazing online events happening right now ~ concerts, classes, support circles ~ choose something that uplifts you and reminds you of the inherent beauty we all carry within us.
  6. Rest. Most of us push ourselves too hard all the time anyway, and whether you’re stuck at home OR out there working every day in order to help in necessary ways, getting enough rest is important.
  7. Meditate in whatever way works for you. Whether that’s sitting in silence, movement based, chanting a prayer or mantra, working with sound, or simply sitting in stillness and taking in the beauty of the world, calming the worries of the mind is important.
  8. Keep a journal. Write by hand, type, do a video log, keep a sketchbook, or whatever works for you. When we make the space to listen to ourselves and beyond ourselves, guidance comes.
  9. Unplug. It seems nearly impossible right now, as things are changing daily, if not throughout each day. The onslaught of dialogues and articles is overwhelming, and can amplify fear and anxiety. In our house, we’ve decided to only look at the news and social media once in the morning and once at night. It’s a lifeline to sanity.
  10. Be with nature in whatever way you can. Notice the sky, the trees, the flowers, the breeze.

If you have other ways that help you to stay resourced, share them here! Sending love from the Mountain to you!

Staying Resourced

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