That’s exactly what they wanted to happen.

That years… decades… centuries down the line

People would not only *not* remember who they are, and where they came from…

But uprooted like weeds, the ones they saw in disgust… disdain… yes, uprooted like a bothersome dandelion in the middle of a pristine, ordered garden. Removed. Silenced. Erased.

Yes, by convincing you, down through the lines, that it is not merely shameful to be other in the ways they loathe… but entirely untrue. Erasure is far, far more powerful than shame. There’s no one left to remember.

No one left to remember.

They stole our language.

They stole our stories and songs.

They stole our dance and drumming.

They stole our sacred ways.

They stole our land.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough already, they set it all ablaze. And they began to gaslight in such a potent way that what was *never was*.

If there’s no one to remember, what remains?

And then, as if the black darkness of night couldn’t become more dim, they began to infiltrate with their own poison the very bodies – the relics – of those who remained. So that what was destroyed could never be resurfaced. If those who might remember WHO THEY ARE had even one thin trail of crumbs to follow back to the source? Too much risk. All that was left was bodies… fragmented memories… pain…

But what they did not know… and forgot in the long journey of their own ancestral fragmentation… is that the soul-deep weaving of WHO WE ARE is inscribed into the body at a deep level – blood, bones, DNA, cellular memory. WHO YOU ARE is there and remains there every day of your life.

Your feeling guilty… scared… hesitant… afraid to reclaim WHO YOU ARE as the living face of US, all your ancestors, is BY DESIGN. If you never go looking, or pull away from the depths that call you , THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED in their mission: erasure.

But when you follow the deep call to reclaim who you are, you are standing in your birthright. You are reclaiming US. And you can come to know who you are in much deeper ways.

You have the right to be who you are.

You have the right to know your ancestors.

You have the right to exist.

You have the right to reclaim your identity.

You are us. Even if you don’t remember, you are us.

A message revealed in a moment of deep connection with my Father’s Father’s Mother’s lineage guide, Friday March 12, 2021

You Are Us

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