Whatever brings you cause to complain, or into struggle, or resistance, is something to step away from.  Look into the nature of that struggle, complaint, and resistance.  What is deeper?  Do you believe it is required that you must go the hard way?  While it is true that some challenges are worthy challenges and bring you into growth and personal development in ways that are beneficial, this is not true of all things that bring you into complaint, struggle, and resistance.  And in addition, there are times when a certain challenge is beneficial that at other times would be merely problematic.  Wise discernment is essential, and must be cultivated within you in order to know what is best.  And yes, you are indeed capable of learning and growing through any experience – but wise discernment will help you to know when to release certain circumstances within your life.

We see you sometimes caught in enacting patterns of difficulty in your lives, and you don’t seem to notice that they are cases of self-generated – and self-regenerating – suffering.  You believe the story of how life must be difficult and full of suffering, and you fulfill your own prophecy over and over.  If you were able to stay in a state of joyful surrender and acceptance about it, there would be no issue.  But instead, you become the victim of your 18819_10152361643060093_2039158715_nown self-induced misery, and then struggle against it, caught as if in quicksand.  Caught in this feedback loop, there is indeed no way out, and you will continue to generate suffering for yourself.  This is common and it is entirely unnecessary.

You must see this for yourself in order to be able to make any shift.  You must see how it is true in your life, and then begin to observe.  When you see it arise in your thinking, you can begin to disengage from the belief through observing without reacting, choosing no action.  These thoughts are your most powerful adversary, they do the most to bring suffering into your life.  As you practice observing them, and resist the temptation to react and believe the thoughts, you will undergo a fierce time of releasing and it is likely that you will experience powerful emotion.  Again, allow this without reacting.  All you must do is stay present.  This is a major shedding of karma and can be uncomfortable.  But it is indeed a worthy challenge.

The difference between a challenge of the belief in suffering, and a worthy challenge?  You will know – you will find a deep peace and centeredness in your worthy challenges.  You will find your own source o223863_10151215981554314_195509882_nf strength and truth.  You will open deeper and love bigger.  You will know freedom.  Unlike the belief that life is suffering, which leaves you feeling heavy, burdened, stuck, trapped, closed down, in a constant state of struggle and resistance, and generally deadened and unhappy.

Look deeply into yourself.  Consider these things.  Be willing to be strong for those worthy challenges.  And be willing to quickly release those that come from attachment to suffering.  You can release so much pain in this simple act of discernment.  Trust yourself and let go.

Beyond Struggle

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