Anything we choose that causes harm to anyone or anything is simply a demonstration of just how deeply we do not love ourselves.  For all truly is one body, and what we choose in the world, we are choosing for ourselves as well.

So, we stop, we move inside and work on the healing of the self, the deep work, the learning to love the self, to love every part on every level.  The work of doing this healing is the action of stopping – ceasing to continue this old and ingrained habit of causing the same pain over and over in a myriad of ways.  And we are at critical mass in this stopping place.  This IS the threshold.  We have gone out as far from the heart and soul as humans collectively have *ever,”  and now we are returning.  Returning to the truest, most loving versions of what we are.

There are too many of us awake for the shift to be stopped.  Enough of us individual human cells in the Divine matrix of humanity have now dug deeply enough into our collective healing that a breaking away has been triggered.  A massive purging of old ways that is rendering the unaware human cells in a state of shock and fear.  No matter.  It has gone too far not to continue.  It is now moving under its own collective momentum.

Resist nothing, pull away from nothing, ignore nothing, hide from nothing.  See and feel all in the white hot fire of absolute present awareness.  Do not refuse anything – see, love, feel, know, observe – allow everything.  The fire will purify all that must be burned away.  Becoming a translucent light being, strong and hollow.  Do not be pulled off center or away from presence.  Do not be distracted by desires, thoughts, or feelings.  Be anchored in the ocean, do not be rocked by the waves.  Live lightly and with grace and gentleness.

Whereas before your effort has been great for little result, now the energy is so powerful that great things can be accomplished with very little effort.  Let go of the belief that you must work so hard, be so busy, and must suffer and sacrifice in order to make great things happen.  This is simply not true.  In as little effort as using the tip of your finger, you will be able to make tremendous shifts, leaps, and strides into the inner and outer worlds.  Healing is inevitable, in a blinding flash, on all levels – body, mind, spirit, all.

And as the individual heals, the whole cosmos heals.  You will know this new healing by the new way of coming from a sincere heart.  No longer self-conscious, fearful, or worried about how you are perceived.  Being truly true in what you know, feel, and want.  Open, honest, sincere, real, heart-full, present.  All the traces of hardness, bitterness, proving oneself, pain, aggression, misery, sorrow, addiction, and soul sickness will need to be purified, and *will* be purified, totally washed away.

The harshness, the bitterness come from deep wounding.  Sincere-heartedness and pure open honesty are a testament to the healing.  When the nasty, wounded, judgmental, angry, hostile, and unforgiving ways of speaking and being are shed, what remains is a true human being, a whole, heart-centered, clean, pure, childlike being.  The New Ones.  These are the New Ones.  No more shoulds, no more have tos, no more demands and expectations of how we should be.  Only purity, only truth.  Natural being.

From here *everything* changes.

Everything the old humans do, think, want, create – all of it! – is suddenly rendered irrelevant.  No longer pandering to the wounded self, everything they choose to do, learn, know, and become has a new end point, a new motivation.  No longer placating and/or medicating a deeply wounded self, and seeing clearly now, the luminous human is truly free to choose anything.

These humans finally stop teaching each other how to transform, having already finished this process.  They stop using money and the process of payment for their work.  They stop working so much, and wanting so much.  They work in a state of interdependence to do what is truly needed.  They know how to live in true, honest joy, in communion with all of life.  They are living constantly in a state of loving kindness and wonder, bathed in a direct sense of the miraculousness of life.

The shadow is healed.

Love between people is no longer based in fulfilling each others’ desires and needs, the dark lure of sexuality, power, and relational duality of one controlling or manipulating the other is purified.  The new way is one of heart-to-heart honesty, kindness, generosity, sensitivity, vulnerability, trust, respect, and love.

No area of human life is left unchanged.  This is the process of being saved. Being completely saved from the darkness of the old human ways, pulled up from the murk and mire and pain, resurrected into a much more radiant and holy state of being.  This *is* happening.  This *is already* happening.

(This was a message received by Angela Blueskies on the night of Monday 11/19/12 – please feel free to share it with anyone who you believe may benefit from the message.)

The New Human Being

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