In 2012, I stepped into walking the path of my Dharma full time.  Following my own deep inner guidance, my own powerful will and determination, and my understanding that devotion and intelligence would carry me through, I left behind doing the things that were not a part of my true life’s calling.  Now, about three years later, I am so grateful for the support I have received in forging this path into the unknown.  There have been so many people and organizations who have recognized the gifts that I bring ~ particularly in my work with mantra/sacred music and sound healing ~ and I feel so blessed to share that I now am able to support myself fully through this work.  But more and more, I find myself encountering situations and people who are still doggedly entrenched in old ideas about sacred work, and how those of us who are called to offer these things should do it for free, or for dana (donation).  I used to get angry – infuriated even – because it truly felt like my life’s work was being dismissed because it wasn’t work that people should pay money to receive.  Now, having been through this in many manifestations, I am beyond the hottest of anger, and am ever more devoted to bringing this issue out into the open.  I have some big ideas brewing about creating a powerful and visible conversation about this very issue, and am looking forward to bringing the community some really valuable conversation throughout this year.  In the meantime, when I see others who are already in the midst of this conversation, I celebrate them, and I want to share.

Below is an excerpt and link from a wonderful article that addresses some of the core issues at play in the yoga/spirituality/healing communities.  Some of it may be surprising and even shocking to those who are outside of the industry.  To those involved in this work, much of it will come as no surprise at all.  I firmly believe that when we all begin to OUT these shadowy practices and expose them to the community at large, things will begin to change.  Please take a moment to read this awesome piece below, and visit their website to learn more!   ~ Angela Blueskies


Energetic Pyramid Scheme: The Yoga of Exploitation

by Chris Kourtinatos

to read the full article click HERE!

Yoga has been a positive experience in my life for more than 30 years and I’ve been blessed to meet and work with1400219_10201788828259543_518939915_o so many gifted and kind-hearted people in the yoga community all over Europe and the USA.  But it has been hard to watch the modern yoga community and yoga industry take on some of the business community’s worst attributes.  Instead of the yoga community being a more positive influence on society, we’re letting society change us – and not for the better. The flow of influence is going in the wrong direction and we need to change that.  We can do better.

In a fair and functioning economy, people buy and sell goods and services for a fair price so that everyone’s needs are met.  Sure, some will do better than others in the near and long term and it functions best when there is a fair exchange of energy between all parties in the process.   And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about trying to make a living teaching or writing about yoga, but it needs to be done ethically.

One of the most insidious business practices we see throughout modern yoga today is the pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable hierarchical business practice in which people are asked to invest and recruit others to do the same. The money that is invested goes to those at the top of the pyramid, while those at the bottom continue investing with the hope of a big payout that will never come.

I’ve been caught up in the yoga community’s version of the pyramid scheme myself. I have given my time, energy, and money to causes which paid a few at the top while leaving me and others with nothing but a little “exposure.”  This is the new norm in the corporate world of yoga: people invest time and effort only to be paid in “exposure” while a few at the top are paid in cold hard cash.

Since time, energy and money as essentially the same in terms of how we can give and exchange energy, I call this dynamic The Energetic Pyramid Scheme…  to continue reading, please click here!


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